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Thread: 1.9CDTi Tuning Options

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    1.9CDTi Tuning Options

    (i know this may have been covered before but i wanted to try and get it answered in one place)

    What are the actual options available to the 1.9CDTi's?

    Tuning Box e.g DTUK - £250-350
    Regal EDS map - £450
    Regal EDS IPF - £565
    Courtenay Sport (superchips) - £499
    Thorney Motorsport map - £550
    LMF BSR - £558

    they are the main tuners offerings, obviouly there will be more local ones, and all the above give around the same increases (30-50bhp depending on how they want to advertise it)

    I keep thinking of going down the remap route now and sell on my DTUK box and looks like the EDS IPF is the only way to go to save losing the map everytime i visit the dealer,

    does anyone know of other options around or how long the courtenay protech/price of it is going to be?

    any other options around?
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    The BSR one works the same way as the Regal one.

    You have a little hand held box you temporarily connect to your OBD port. You push a button, car is remapped. Push button again car is standard. Etc.

    If Vauxhall update the software in the car (as they did to try and stop DPF issues) you have another option, "Read". This copies the Vauxhall map which you then upload to BSR who work their power magic on it in a day or so. You then re-install it back into your car and full power again...

    BSR quote 184hp and 412nm. They are renowned for being conservative with their figures though, unlike certain other companies...

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