i thought it was about time i started one of these,

been meaning to for a while, just aint had the time.

brought the astra about 10 months ago now, fell in love with it the first time i saw it. since then shes cost me a fourtune, £800 for new clutch, slave cylinder ect, few other bits and bobs to keep her goin. when i first got her she was totaly standard. clean and tidy, and in generaly good condition. since then ive really let her slip, shes looking a lil bit tatty now and thats why ive started this. ive been spending lots of money on new parts ect sum needed and some just coz i wanted them. and now ive got a collection its time to get them sorted.

heres her when i picked her up.

and heres her now..

the wheels on the second pic are now in a right shit state, had a blow out on 1 and the others have been scraped to death due to me chooseing the wrongs tyres. so these are now comeing off for there second refurb, still debateing whether to keep them as they are or go back to a lighter silver or something? ive got a set of sxi wheels that im gonna finish refurbing today and hopefully get fitted tomorow.
other mods ive done up til today are lowerd 60/40, sprayed a few bits and bobs inside, butcherd my parcel shelf and put 6*9s in there, and sprayed the chrome V on the front grill antracite same as the wheels and interior. and thats it, nothing exciteing and shes really not looking to pretty.

over the nxt couple of days weather and time permiting ive got a big list of parts and jobs ready to be fitted and completed.will update as i get them done, mainly to keep my enthusiasm goin and some of you will be interested i hope lol! all feed back is appreciated.

time to crack on with the jobs!