Just a mini review of the Track Claw for now, however it will also be put on a my test car for longer term evaluation of some of the product claims...

On the topic of claims, it does have quite a few on the bottle... will reduce lap times apparently, just what the Volvo needs! But seriously, I'm not sure the reduced drag is of much if any relevance generally speaking but what is of interest is the claim that it reduces dirt pick up. Now this is something more important to me, as this is something which generally speaking I find sealents are good at and a big advantage of sealents over waxes: the car stays cleaner for longer. I put this down to the tpyically slicker feel of sealents to waxes, and there appears a consistency between this slickness and dirt pickup. So a product like Track Claw that claims to be super slick may well prove to have a big advantage in this sense.

Onto the application, it is being used on a Mercedes R-Class that I am currently detailing with Bryan (full write up tomorrow on completion of this car). The car, after machine polishing with 3M Fast Cut and refining with PO85RD Final Finish:

Now, after playing around a little with the Track Claw, I felt that I was getting slightly better results from it - slightly slicker, and arguably a slightly deeper gloss - using it over the 601 Polish Bonding Agent... not sure if this is the technically correct way of applying it but it certainly seemed to work well for me

So - 601 Polish Bonding Agent was applied by hand using a foam applicator pad onto the paint and the residue left. Track Claw was then applied over the top by hand using a foam applicator, and it went over the 601 nice and smoothly. The residue hazed within a minute or two and was removed with great ease after 5 minutes to reveal the following finish:

Good luck spotting the difference in pictures! However, in the flesh a notable gloss was added to the finish looks wise, reminding me a lot of 111 or Z2. However, what was more impressive was the very slick feel of the paint after application. The product promises a very slick finish, and it certainly delivers even on first application and it has been advised to leave 12 hours for the full effect. I've not personally used a sealent (or wax) which has left the paint feeling so slick before, which gives me confidence on the reduced dirt pick up for the reasons outlined above... However, time will tell when this product is placed alongside the best Zaino can throw at it (layered Z2 with Z8, a combo known by me to reduce dirt pickup over waxes) in a side by side long term test.

First impressions though - a very nice easy to use sealent that will hold its head high amongst the sealent kings like Z2 and 111, with a superb slick feel left to the paint. Good value for money as well, nowhere near the price of boutique waxes. And very easy to use