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Thread: Suspension Strut Braces on a MK4?

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    Suspension Strut Braces on a MK4?

    Hey guys. Firstly i'm new so hello to you all!

    I'm getting my Mk4 1.6i 16v sxi next week and can't wait and with the help of this place i should keep her nice and tidy.

    I'm pretty new to the whole car maintainance thing. I've always known my way around the basics, can do servicing and with the help of a Haynes manual will give anything a go, but i've got a lot to learn.

    A mate of mine has a suspension brace on his mondeo and swears it makes a hell of a difference regards handling. So to the point, do many of you use them? Would you say they are worth it? Any advice on prices/best makes etc?

    Any advice and banter will be greatly recieved. Cheers!


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    Perhaps get more initial benefit from a rear anti-roll bar if I read the positive comments about them correctly on here...handling on a Mondeo vs a MK4 Astra is not really comparable either

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