Bizarre trip ... Thursday engine management light came on, so went to the dealers.
An hour later, they say they've looked at the codes, but cannot see the fault it's reporting.
So they've reset the light....and off I go.
Take it easy driving home, no problem, I have to pack.
Next day running around packing and leave to meet Dave and Dave at Hermi Gait....but hold on ..
Where's my popping and banging ??...erm...press the sport button...car shoots forward....damn
The map I had on was power on all the time..can only mean one thing...they've reloaded original software and my maps gone
So on arrival at herm gait, decide within 5 mins to go back and get my mapping device and a laptop. No time to do it before leaving.
Gets on the ferry no problem, crappy shitty boat, but still got gassed, won 75 euros from a puggy..
Drive down through holland, stopped in Germany for petrol...car has managed 310 from a tank = result !
After petrol stop engine mangement light returns ...
Hoping to get access to upload the map. Within 10 mins of being in the room, switch lappy on, connect Yee Ha !!!
So went down to the car and mapped it again : ) ...it cleared the light.
The Ring
The whole place just buzzes. Loads of GT3RS's, common as muck...I've taken loads of pics, but no lead for them ..also forgot bigger lens.
Been out for 4 laps now, 70 euro for that pleasure...it's intimidating when cars come up behind you..quick right to the edge of the track to give em room.
Bought and fitted my sticker

Report over and out !