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Thread: had my 1st attempt with a rotary polisher

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    had my 1st attempt with a rotary polisher

    I managed to aquire an old panel to practice on thanks to the lurrrrvly Suzie 20 off here so had a little dabble today,
    Its not an expensive polisher and the pads i got are naff (so much so some of them have started to deteriorate (sp)), and iv not used a paint reader thingy to see how thick paint is.
    but just thought id show you my results and ask a couple of questioons for the more experienced guys on here.
    So the state i received it

    after a quick wash just using halford was stuff nothing expensive

    here you can clearly see the marks scratched on the bonnet

    ive got no idea what this is but it came along with lots of orange paint too!!!!!

    after the polish
    some slight marks still

    rather a deep scratch (question on this later)

    my results

    what i used

    not as good as soe of you guys but it is my 1st attempt at anything like this really, and all ive used is the above, no wax, sealants etc
    so my questions
    1) in the picture ther is a deep scratch that looks white, how would i go about removing these, touch up paint, lightly sand polish off?
    2) would this be the same method for stone chips
    3) whats the best polish/method to remove scrathes like these

    4) when polishing after wards i noticed the paint had come off onto the pad,
    A) is this normal or have i been doing it too hard
    B) if it is normal then how do you clean your pads
    5) what method do you use, i basically let the rotary spin and mover in horizontal and vertical lines accross the bonnet at a resonable pace as to not let the rotary stop in 1 place at any time.
    any comments critisism welcome when weather is better il have another go and try get a torch to check for any swirls.
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    nice job mate looks abit better doesnt it lol

    i want a panel to practice on now
    can you rely have to much bass? thinkin i need more treble now

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