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Thread: Stone Chips!

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    Stone Chips!

    Does anyone else have real trouble with stone chips?

    They are EVERYWHERE on my car. I cant seem to stop them. Every time i fill one in, another appears. Some of them aren't very deep, but my bonnet is starting to look like a starry night sky.

    Maybe its just because its a black car i notice them more, but my last car (which was also black AND 8 years old) didn't have this problem.

    Really disheartens me. I spend all day polishing and from a distance it looks stunning, but up close the chips really spoil it.

    I would re-spray a few of the panels, but its never as good as the factory job and will probably chip off worse in the end.

    Anyone got any tips on how to fill them in well?

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    I have the same problem and yes this is the nwest car I have ever owned but yet it seems to have the most stone chips!!

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