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Thread: AOC Top 15 Awards @Trax 2008

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    Cool AOC Top 15 Awards @Trax 2008

    AOC Top 15

    AOC are proud to announce a different format for choosing the "AOC Car of the Show"

    We will be choosing a Top 15, yes fifteen cars, and then deciding the best among those.

    Winners can be anything
    Standard and very clean, a car that sits nice and nothing more, a nice different boot build, a nice looking one-off mod like a centre console, a different choice in wheels that works well, nice paint (custom), nice paint (polished). Etc Etc ## a spec sheet would be useful ##
    Its more of a feeling, a stirring of the emotions, a sense of being just right, not always something you can put into words

    How are we going to choose them?
    We will have an impartial judging panel with guest judges (an odd number) that go around all the cars and decide on what cars they think deserve one of the top 15 prizes. Where there is disaggreement, discussion between the judges shall take place.

    When will they be judged, and when will the winners be announced ?
    The judging will commence around 10.00am, this gives you all enough time to final polish, we ask that you try and stay around whilst being judged, to point out any areas you feel worthy of mentioning, and to answer any questions the judges may have.
    We shall announce the winners around about midday when the BBQ is in full swing. A prime space at the main gazebo awaits the winner....

    The top 15 winner will received a bespoke Trax AOC Trophy
    The next 14 winners will receive a prize medal and a certificate of merit, not to mention those winning words..Mines an AOC top 15 WINNER !!!
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    Heh nice way to spice up the show Mat Not long ago chaged some aspecs of my astra hope it stands a chance iirc last year there was only 20 cars there. XD
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