Over the lasty couple of months my engine had started to develope a scary rattle, Looked in the service book to see when the cam belt was last done as its got 73k on the clock and it was due by december this year.

So got all the parts from Drive vauxhall thanks to my trade club card

Attempted it my self and soon realised it was a pig of job and went inside.

Anyhow at PVS i got talking to guy a knew that used to work for a local vauxhall dealership and recently started his own buisness. He owns the MK3 4x4 astra turbo with the orange purple flip paint that was by the DG drag racing event.

Asked him if he could do it and how and told him i would book it in ASAP.

So it went in tuesday to get a phone call around 2 hours later telling me that the previous garage that did the cam belt had knocked the timing out and was out by 1 complete tooth so daz set it all back up and fitted the new belt etc

Picked it up a few hours later and wow what an improvement from the irratic idle that it had before to the lumpy tick over in traffic it seams likes its an whole new car.

Anybody int he warwickshire area that needs work done on their car i highly recomend Daz's services.

In total its cost me £165 for the labour and parts £100 saving over a dealership charge