Hi Everyone,
My Opel Astra is a 2003 model Z16XE with 37kilometre on the clock. I had a problem with my Astra not starting. What happened was that the car was parked in the garage for two weeks whilst I was getting my door handles, door mold and side sill painted. And During the middle of the week (within that two weeks) I started the car for about a minute just to move it from the left side of the garage to the right side of the garage so that I could clean the left hand side of the car since i was detailing the doors whilst the door handles were off. The the car started fine with no unusual noice. So I turned it off and never started it again until the following week. Then on the second week. When I cranked the engine, the car started for about 5 seconds. It went on high rpm (about 1.5 which is quite normal especially when I have not driven the car for more than 3 days then it should stabilised just under 1). The car's rpm did stabilise at below one but after that second it stabilised the car just stalled. Then when I tried to crank the engine, the car sounded different. Its as if, there was no load on the engine. ie it didn't sound normal and engine felt really light and I thought that the timing belt had gone. So I opened up the top cover and the timing belt was still in tact. So I took out the battery, left the car in the garage for about a week to get the tow truck to bring it to the garage.

An Opel Technician had a look at it and what he did was remove the ignition coil and spark plug and checked the compression of the four cylinder. Then the compression test resulted as having low to no compression in two of the cylinder. So he put back the ignition coil and the spark plug and concluded that the valves were bent inside and that the timing belt had jumped.

Still not convinced that was the problem, I had the timing belt put to TDC and checked the timing of the exhaust and intake cam and the crankshaft, and believe it or not it was on timing. So I was pretty sure that it was wrong diagnosis since all the camshaft and crankshaft was still on timing.

Anyway, another mechanice came and had a look. He didn't do anything. And he asked me to crank the engine which i did. While cranking the engine, (as I was inside the car) he said that he just moved the sensors (the ones that he can see) and believe it or not, the car started and its now working.

Up until today, I am still confused and not really convinced that its loose connection with the sensor because no one had touched any of the sensor. Its still a mystery to me as to why the car stalled and why it started. Its like a miracle.

SteveTech mentioned in another thread regarding the flooded theory. Not sure what it is but could mine be a flooded theory because in the two weeks that the car was park in the garage, i started the car for about less than 5 minutes just to move it from left to right and then switched off the engine. And the only major things that I can remember being done to get it to start was having the ignition coil and the spark plug removed and put back by the technician and also us moving the crankshaft pulley to put it to tdc and the other technician claiming that he moved some of the sensor that had caused it to start again.

I hope that someone can enlighten me on this one... Thanks Cause I don't really want to stall on the road.