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Thread: Fan light staying on?

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    Fan light staying on?

    A few weeks a go I fitted a group buy intercooler to my coupe and ever since when the temp gauge gets to 90 degrees the front fan kicks in bringing on the fan light which stays on till you turn the engine off, the fan keeps going until you turn the engine off aswell. When you turn the engine back on the lights goes off until it reaches 90 degrees again.
    Any ideas why its doing this, have I damaged a sensor or something?
    Also I always thought the front fan was the air con fan??

    As I say the fans kicking in fine although it dosnt go off even when the temp drops to 80ish degrees.
    Any help/advice apreciated cheers Dan.

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    The rear fan (between rad and turbo) is the cooling fan so maybe thats at fault or disconnected.

    The front fans just coming on to try and cool the engine down. Likewise if the front fan was at fault and the AC got hot the rear fan would come on to try and cool it
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