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Thread: power steering almost stalls engine!

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    power steering almost stalls engine!

    when stationary and turning the wheel ie parking the engine very nearly stalls. It's never actually stalled but it would be a bit embarasing if i did.

    is this common or anything to worry about atall?

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    the pas pump is one of the biggest power users in the mk4 so at low revs its bound to make things a little jumpy

    if its seriously bad then u need to be looking at the battery and/or alternator condition.

    more than likely the battery is on its last legs.

    A nice big 72amp GO battery from vauxhall can be had fairly cheap - or even cheaper if u have access to trade prices....failing that grab a one from a local motor factors - ignore the crap they tell u sayin u need a certain size - as long as it physically fits in the battery tray and is around the 70amp mark and of course the terminals are the correct way round for the car then go for it.

    May be worthwhile having the battery and alternator checked professionally either at an auto sparks or a garage with the correct equipment.... and i dont just mean a voltmeter

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