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Thread: Just seen something very worrying!

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    Angry Just seen something very worrying!

    Whilst driving to Bristol today, on the M4, i saw infront of me a Red Astra Coupe with its hazards on. Now i was looking for traffic build up but there was none. As i got closer to it i could see the car infront of it also had its hazards on and the coupe appeared to be tailgating it. When i was nearly level with the coupe i noticed TOW ROPE and began to get very worried. The guy steering coupe looked at me and may have noticed my look of disbelief. So i know its ILLEGAL to tow a vehicle on a Motorway without a rigid bar but these 2 idiots obviously dont. Part of me wanted to call the police, due to the danger that they could pose to the rest of the motorway users especially as they were in the MIDDLE LANE, but i didnt.
    All i hope is the guy in the Red Coupe is not a member of this site cos he needs his head checked out.

    Rant over.
    "Sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel, is only the train coming to finish you off"

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    very dodgy ..... people dont realise how dangerous towing can e until something goes wrong...

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