Hi guys, thought i'd post up my car as i've been on here for a while now and ain't said much.

Bought this last summer as a standard GSi, it's been a year now and it's still standard.

My turbo give up the ghost the other day so that started it all really.

Bought my self a new turbo (VXR), pre-de-cat, new zorst, refurbed alloys in clio cup grey and a new sound install.

These are the pics of it as is now.

Sorry bought all the pics LOL.

Anyway mods to come :-

Bigger brakes
Finish zorst system
VXR engine
Billstein b6 and eibach
And finally new head unit and this centre console

Thanx for looking please feel free to comment on anything.
And free plug to Sonic Frontiers for the sound system.