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Thread: Rear disc handbrake cables cost

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    Rear disc handbrake cables cost

    I noticed today that one of my rear brake calipers as sticking on, now I suspect it may be a dodgy caliper but the last time I looked at the handbarck cable it was not in the best condition.

    What are the prices and part numbers for the handbrake cables...?
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    Front cable - all models:
    Part number 9127540
    Retail: £11.00
    Trade: £9.36
    Trade club: £7.19

    Centre cable - Centre cable - all models with disc brakes to 22006460/25003001/16999999/28006254/IB99999
    Part number 24425108
    Retail: £58.50
    Trade: £49.81
    Trade club: £34.59
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