A few weeks ago i had fuel, oil and air filter change then last week my 1.7 sxi diesel won't start, every so often when i've drove the car and stopped the car when i goto re-start it about 20-30mins later it won't start. I've had a machanics look at it ( 1 being ma pal who used to work in arnold clark ) and he has went through it like a fine tooth comb ) and he is baffled.... We thought it was a possible air lock but that was fine. Also had the Fault test did in garage and done on remote and no faults found.

9 times out of 10 it starts no problem off a COLD START then all of a sudden it won't start like there is no fuel or something (but only when the car has heated up ) ...but fuel / filters, glow plugs ect are all fine ...

Any ideas ??