Hello, i bought an astra 2000 x reg 1.7 DTI back in april 2007 and done 89000 miles and to be honest ive had no problems with the car, apart from the fact that its as quick as a slug.

it has to be one of the slowest cars i have driven considering its engine size. it only go up hills in gear one and is really sluggish. its also feels like sumin is resisting the car when the turbo quicks in.

yet after i have been on the motorway for a while it has soo much more power and turbo quicks in with more force and u can definatly see a difference.

tried derestricting the airbox and put in a new panel filter which did nothing to the car, it could be the amf sensor that i have seen on other posts but not sure.

Any suggestions on why it could be sooooo slow and what could i do to make it quicker.