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Thread: 1.7dti very confused

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    1.7dti very confused


    Really hoping somebody can help me with this I have a 2002 astra 1.7 (isuzu) its done 105k and was re-built around 7k ago as the head gasket blew, the head was warped and also needed 2 pistons replacing. All work has been carried out to a high standard and the car runs sweet as a nut...

    Only problem is every couple of months it seems to boil and I'm losing 2-3 litres of water each time, there's no leaks that I can find everything is dry as a bone, there was some oil in the header tank which did start to worry me, but it must have been residue from when it blew as the tanks been cleaned out and has stayed clean for a couple of months, I just cant figure out where all this water is going! its checked every couple of days and it doesn't go gradually it all goes all of a sudden!

    There is another problem (not related) that has been there since day one, when the car gets warm it gets very hard to select any gears it will either crunch or not select at all, if you park up for 5 mins, engine still running it dissapears again!!

    Any advice Welcome

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    Sounds like a problem with the oil cooler - oil getting into the coolant and coolant escaping into the oil (which is probably burning up as you drive). Very common fault with that engine.
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