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Thread: Astra Convertible 1.8 v 2.2 - Any Differences?

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    Astra Convertible 1.8 v 2.2 - Any Differences?

    Hey guys

    Apart from the obvious engine size difference wonder if any of you guys can lend me some of your expertise on the Astra G convertibles.

    Cut a long story short I've recently been mucked around on a 2.2 Convertible with Full Leather so went on to view the next one (this was a 1.8 Convertible).

    Both cars were 2003 registered and had the Bertone badges on the side - am I right in thinking that ALL 1.8, 2.0, 2.2 Convertibles are Bertone's?

    Second question (and this might sound silly) but are the cars the same dimensions? - I felt the 1.8 seemed a little smaller than the 2.2 both outside and in the cockpit.

    Last question (for now ) - are there different grades of leather available as I noticed the 2.2 was a lot softer (look and feel) than the 1.8 version which looked a cheaper quality leather.



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    hi and welcome to AOC,

    all coupes/convertibles were designed by bertone so will have the badges,

    they are all exactly the same size and the seats may vary between the models but if they were both the same model/spec bar engine they would share the same seats, the differences you felt must just be different types of leather,
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