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Thread: Advice required: Astra F engine swap C14NZ to ......

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    Advice required: Astra F engine swap C14NZ to ......

    Hi everyone.....

    As a new Astra owner (this is my first Vauxhall since a C14NZ Corsa A in 2003) I want to say hi to everone in the forum. I have just purchased a 1.4 merit with C14NZ single point injection + distributer to enter in a 'banger' competition my friends are running.

    By 'banger competition' we mean buying some really cheap cars (total limit = £200) and doing some trackdays and autotests, not driving into each other.

    In order to compete with the current leader (88 Golf GTi) I think, in fact I know I'm going to need a new engine.

    What would be the easiest larger engine to swap into my Astra? Reading the books I'm guessing a C18NZ because I think they were fitted to Astras. I also have an option on a C18NZ from a Cavalier but it dosn't come with any harnesses or ECU.

    Will a C18NZ fit my harnesses, engine mounts and gearbox? What do I need to look out for, I have seen both Bosch and Multec(?) ECS's on the internet for Cavaliers and I want to make sure I buy a compatable engine for my car.

    If anyone has anything for sale which will fit then drop me a message. As my car was £50 I have £150 to spend on engine, brakes, suspension and wheels, I'm sure with determination that's enough to compete!



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    I dont about any of the technical questions, i havent done an engine swap before.

    My recomendation is to get either a:
    * C20NE
    * C20XE

    The NE should be easier to fit... thats what i would go for, but if you are looking for the holy grale of 2 litre engines it has to be the C20XE or the C20LET. The XE would be less complicated as it is not turby-charged.

    For all of the parts, take a look at LMF Vauxhall's website, alot of people on here highly recommend them.

    Good luck

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