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Thread: replacement turbo for z20let

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    replacement turbo for z20let

    hail guys

    what aftermarket turbo can be fitted to the z20let engine to boost its output to 300+ hp? and the next imminent question arises, will the transmission and chassis stand up to the challenge so that I still get traction? well at least most of the time that is

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    i think the T28RS is a popular upgrade over the LEH item. a few people are running around the 300hp mark with standard trans on them. i recon the clutch will need upgrading to cope as with a high torque map will struggle if not immediatly it will eventually. getting 300hp onto the road is another story, i recon a quaff diff will be helpful, i struggle with my 260ish.

    check list for the 300 club:-

    tyres will need to be soft compound
    brake upgrade
    life insurance

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