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Thread: Finally fitted springs (well almost)

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    Finally fitted springs (well almost)

    It all started last week when i was after some Eibachs 30/30 drops. I posted a thread and Teo offered me a set of PI springs so not one to pass up on a bargin I met up and bought the springs off him. Drove home and started to change the fronts. I got this far

    And I just couldn't get this nut loose.

    So it all went back together unchanged. Working away all week meant that i had to wait till this weekend to have another go. Again I started on the front got to the same point and still couldn't get that damn nut off. So front back together I attacked the back end. This was much easier.

    Put the spring compressors on and got the new springs fitted

    Before Front

    Before Rear

    After Rear

    And after front

    Now have to wait for next weekend to have another go at the front. Third time lucky

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    they will need time to settle!!!
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