Hi all, new to the site and looks great, just what I need at the mo!
Proud new(ish) owner of a very clean MK 4 1.6 Club. Chuffed with her but for the last few weeks have been having a problem.
When the fuel reaches about a quarter tank, she starts to 'kangeroo'! Bloody embarrassing about town but more worrying. Went to a garage and the guy who checked it out said it sounds like the EGR valve. He cleaned it and all was well for three days then it started again.
My question is: if it's blocked(?) again after just three days, is the valve itself faulty or is it a symptom of something more serious?
One other thing, my CAT converter is somtimes smelling of rotten eggs. I've been told its about to fail and needs replacing but I've also been told its a sign the carb is not set right and the fuel/air balance needs adjusting. Any advice on which is the right answer and how to correct?
Thanks in advance peeps