Hi all, my sons Astra (1.6 16v 44k) is making a bad rattling sound. he took it into Vx main dealer but they told him to bring it back when it gets worse - not something I want to do.

The Vx techy said it might be the alternetor tensioner but I'm worried in case it's more serious (water pump etc). The noise is coming from the belt side but I can't work out if it's from the top or the bottom of the engine.

A family member poured water over the alt belt and the sound went away and was running smooth until a couple of hours later (probably dried out).

It's been booked in to Vx for a cam belt kit change on Saturday but I'm not sure if I should change the water pump too - son can only afford a cheapy new one from ebay rather than the £100+ Vx part.

Here's a link to a video I took of the problem (I removed the cam cover) oh and ignore the train going past at the start of the video


Anyone have any ideas?