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Thread: Losing boost

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    Losing boost

    For about a week now, i haven't been getting as much boost as i used to. The boost gauge sits at around 6 psi, instead of the usual 8, and more often than not, i'm not getting any over-boost.
    I've had the car jacked up tonight, and have had all the boost pipes off, from the turbo to the plenum, checking them for any splits or bad joins. Didn't find any, everything seems okay. Aslo had a poke about and checked any vacuum pipes that i could find, and they all seemed fine too.
    Car definately doesn't feel the same to drive as it used to.
    I know the ZLET turbos are well known for sometimes only lasting 50-60k, and mine's just passed the 60k mark. Could it be that the turbo's on its way out?
    What's the next stage in the fault finding process?
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    You could have a split in the pipe that doesnt show up under normal (none presure) best to take pipe off and presure test.

    Not sure if the dias are same, but poss use a 500ml coke bottle to cap one end, the with the lid end drill a small hole to put in the spot nozzle of the air line.

    Pipe clips are 44 - 57, not got a coke bottle to measure atm.

    See if the gauge drops, dont give it more than 21 psi / 1.5bar ish

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