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Thread: New Astra question

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    New Astra question

    HI, Ive just placed an order for a new 2008 Astra. Here in Australia they are fitted with the 1.9DTH Ecotec engine. Was amazed how well it went compared to equivellent spec Golf. It was only when I got home that I read all the horror stories of swirl valve,inlet manifolds and EGR vave problems on the Vectra C forum.
    Could anyone advise me if these parts have been upgraded during later production or they are just waiting for them to fail and then putting back the same dodgy components. Thanks Gary.

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    For a start I would only worry if you read about loads of problems on an aussie forum.
    Reason for that is the different climates and conditions.

    The problems you mention may not be relevant when run down under.
    Apart from anything else, if you do get a problem, it will be covered by warranty.
    If it is a common problem, then holden will be made aware and there may well be a 'better version' fix.

    Hope that puts your mind at ease ...

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