Some of you (probably older members!) will remember me mentioning a while back that i'd be moving here! Well, i'm here! Waiting on forms and paperwork, but we should move in to a permanent place in Reading next week!

We need some help with homewares though... Where's good to buy stuff?

We need TV (probably just get a 26" or so LCD), bedding, kitchen bits and bobs. It's a furnished apartment, so not much furnature needed.

We are a short walk from central Reading and have no car, so something close to there would be good. We looked at Debenhams or something at the Oracle, but they seemed like a rather upmarket place! We don't need the best brands, but need stuff that's comfy and good value

Any help appreciated!

P.S. Also - PC parts, like somewhere that sells bare bones PC parts... Anyone got a good place there? And Mountain Bike shop - I know of CRC - I've used them before too, but wanting a shop I can walk into

Thanks heaps for any help offered! Obviously if anyone's interested in meeting up sometime we'll now be here to do it!