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Thread: Problems with front brakes

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    Problems with front brakes

    I have just joined this community and am seriously frustrated with my Astra.
    We have just had the front brakes replaced and the mechanic said that the N/S/F caliper thread has nearly snapped and should be replaced. He then said that this never breaks, however mine is about to break!!!
    I have been quoted about £200 for the part alone!!

    Can anyone tell me why this would break or how I may be able to get one cheaper? Also, I have notice you saying that the rear brakes are an issue and maybe a known problem by vauxhall - has anyone had the same issue as me with the caliper slide thread? For something that "never breaks" I want to know why mine has!

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    Maybe a bodged repair in the cars life before...

    Which bit of the caliper is knackered ??
    Is it the thread the brake line goes into, or just the caliper carrier thread ??

    Either way, you could get a part cheaper from a spares place....

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