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Thread: think ive bent the valves!!!!

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    think ive bent the valves!!!!

    today was a nightmare, all i had to do was fit a new cam sensor,so when i was putting the new one on i dropped one of the torx bolts inside the timing belt cover. so i was a bit pissed off to say the least but continued t o take the cover off then discovered you have to take off the crank pulley to get the cover off so when doing this i jammed a screwdriver in the flywheel to stop the engine turning backwards when im trying to loosen the bolt on the crank pulley. But when i was doing this the screwdriver slipped and the timing belt slipped causing the timing to be out so i reset the timing hoping that it would start and that i hadnt bent the valves,when i put it back together and tried starting it it wont start and seems like it is spitting exhaust gases back through the inlet side of the engine. any info or help would be grateful on this subject!
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    Sorry m8 but from what you've said sounds like you broke it, although I am sure someone will be along soon to diagnose a slightly more technical version of my diagnosise.
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