with the VVOC and Vec C site, went cos my mate got a 2.2 veccy b estate.
I'll give the the power at the wheels in Kw and the losses in Kw as thats what it was there, it was a very old setup....one large roller...goin to a plotter...not a pc in sight...thought it was pretty accurate as standard gsi vectras that was there made 197 and there 192 so figs tally up...(had a straight thro exhaust and filter)

107Kw @ the wheels , losses 23Kw so...
107kw x 1.341 = 143.48bhp at wheels
23kw x 1.359 = 31.25bhp
add them both up and 174.7bhp.

Nice result, happy witht the wheels fig, made standard power but at the wheels!!.

Dannysport - was speaking to your mate Jason most of the day, he has the lel engine into the veccy c, very nice as well it is.