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Thread: coolant problem-please help!!!

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    Unhappy coolant problem-please help!!!

    hi all ,this is my first post been searching evrewhere for help with my problem and stumbled across you guys,apologies in advance if im posting in this in the wrong section!!!

    i have an 2002 2.2i se2 16v bertone and the the problem is with the coolant system.

    ive had the coolant light come up on the dash in the past week when the temperature guage has gone past half way,the light has been staying on ever since,but the temperature guage has only gone slightly over half way at most at any time.

    took it to a friend of a friend who said it was the sensor so he changed it,but im still getting the light come up on the dash,and now the computer is saying 'coolant level' even though there is plenty in the tank.

    any advice on what it could be or what to do next would be mutch appreciated.

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    Welcome mate

    The "coolant level" on the MFD is probably just a faulty sensor, I suppose this could be the only problem with the system

    If the light still comes on after that i'd get the car onto tech2 and see what fault codes come up
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