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Thread: Newbie Stereo Upgrade help!?

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    Newbie Stereo Upgrade help!?

    Hey guys new to the boards so firstly hello to all!

    My missus just bought a 2007 Astra 5 Door CD (base model)

    I currently drive an 04' Audi S6 with the bose system so naturally she wants to upgrade the stereo in the astra as she has been spoilt with mine...

    What i would like to know is what others have done by means of keeping the car as stock looking as possible,

    I have already purchased an adaptor plate for the Headunit so that i can fit a standard DIN what i would like to know is what are peoples recomendations for what type of head unit and what speakers i can use?

    Speaker sizes would be awsome!!

    We would also like to retain use of the steering wheel controls and the pissy little display screen if possible

    thanks guys
    great forum btw!

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    For the best stock look most people here tend to fit a double din headunit so it takes up the whole space in the dash and doesn't look out of place. If you choose a Alpine headunit I believe you could keep both the steering controls and display, other makes you will just keep the steering wheel controls

    I believe the speaker sizes are the same as the Astra before it being 17cm in the front doors and 13cm in the rear
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