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Thread: Standard CD Changer help.

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    Standard CD Changer help.

    Hi, Im looking for some help.

    I have the standard Philips (I think) Radio cassette with the multichanger in the glovebox. This is standard on the 888, unsure if its in any others?

    I wentto change from radio to CD this morning, and the display said "CDC ERROR" and automatically flicked back to the radio.

    I opened the changer, and it wont eject, it looks as if the CDs have been raised out of the magazine, and cant go back down...

    Any help/ advice would be VERY much appreciated.
    Thanks a lot.
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    I'd say you now have a good excuse to get a new headunit

    Seriously though the chances are a CD has got stuck inside somehow. What i've done before on other CD changers is take them apart and work out how to release it very carefully so it can get the CD and cartridge out then tried it again

    Remember the CD player is coded too so make sure you have it
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