Hey all

I've recently got a 2004 1.8 Bertone Coupe, been driving it around alot getting used to it etc, i've noticed over the last few drives that when I start braking or sometimes driving along it seems to pull to the left.

The discs have a bit of rust on (as i think the 1 previous owner left it standing for quite a while). I jsut came back from 5 days in Prague and took the car out for a drive, when i pulled off the drive i heard a big bang/pop noise and it sounded like something was scraping when I drove, i soon realised it was my brakes where it had been standing for 5/6 days, it soon went after i drove down the road.

Now the car has only done nearly 28k miles so should still be quite new, but i was thinking of upgrading my brakes anyway, so this may be the perfect time to do it i think. Do you think the brakes are causing the car to pull to the left when i'm breaking aswell?

What brakes/discs/pads would people recommend with the same car as me (coupe) and a rough price/place to get them?
Am I right in thinking 280mm discs are the most common size upgraded too? Or is it 308mm (think its 308?) and where is the best place to get them? I'll need both front and rear i'm guessing if the coupes have discs on each wheel!

Thanks for any help in advance and I apologise for the essay!