Are a god send

Been a member now for about 2 years not used them until this morning

Right i do abit fishing on the weekends and drove down the muddiest road you have ever seen. Anyways driving along mud had some how got in the fan and glogged it up.

So this morning on the way to work sat in traffic, the fan could'nt turn when the power was sent to it and the car nearly over heated
Managed to limp it to work without doing any damage (lucky lucky)

So thought sack it, phone the RAC, they came and within 15mins it was sorted. When the power was sent to the fan to start up it blew the fuse because the fan could'nt turn with the mud gloging it up

I new fuse put in and fan cleaned sorted. He even run the diagnostic computer to test everything else was fine. Well worth the £100 a year

Happy Chap