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Thread: Amplifier hiss

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    Thumbs Up Amplifier hiss

    hi everyone!

    il cut a long story short!
    Had a 600W sony xplod amp but it was too powerful for my 6x9s. I was at a car boot the other day picked up a 400w 4 channel alpine amp, bloke said he hadnt used it in a while but worked ok last time he used it.

    Installed the amp works absolutly fine and sounds better than the old one BUT when i turn the engine ON there is a 'pipping' noise coming from the speakers, sorry dont know how to describe it better

    The Audio and electric cables are running on opposite sides of the car but i just dont get why its fine when engine is off and not fine when i turn it on?!?!! Somebody help im going crazy

    Cheers for any help!!!

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    Make sure its all earthed properly, that sounds like your problem

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