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Thread: Fuel spraying out exhaust....

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    Fuel spraying out exhaust....

    Ok so i have a x14xe, sportex exhaust, remus race pipe, induction kit.

    Earlier i started the car, it stalled, it didn't want to start back up, it started, stalled again, so when i managed to start it again i gave it some high revs and it was fine. Earlier i was showing my mate from college my car so giving it some high revs so he could hear the exhaust and induction kit and it started spraying fuel out of the exhaust. It was very cold both times. Could this be the problem?


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    Are you sure its fuel and not condensation IE water?

    It is possible for the engine to spit unburnt fuel out of the cylinder into the manifold and onto the CAT but it'd usually be burnt away long before it gets spat out the exhaust.

    Its a jam thing

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