Hi all,
30th just around the corner and looking to get some comps for the front as my main gift.

I will have about £80 to spend on a set.

Been to local places to have a look at the demo walls but I am none the wiser - ranges they sell and that work (Halfords demo wall for example most of the comps have had the tweeter wire ripped out and so no longer work) are very limited - Fli, Fusions etc.

I have searched the internet and seen things such as :
Audiobahn ABC600t (although these are 6 3/4" I presume they fit??)
SPL Dynamics SD-6.2
Alpine SPS-171a
Also noticed that those Vibe SEK-60 speakers can now be found for £40.
Are they any good or is the pretty swift price cut a bad sign??

Basically as I cant get a proper feel as to what is best - thought I would ask on here as you all seem to know your stuff and may even have some experience with these speakers.
Of course - if something else is a much safer option for the money then please suggest away!!

Bit of extra info:
HAS to be from a shop rather than eBay/secondhand.

I do have a amp downstairs (4x85w RMS) but currently too much of a wuss to get the drill out and start 'having a go' (knowing me I would find a way to destroy my pride and joy) so initially they will be HU driven until I grow a pair (or find someone that knows what they are doing/I get some cash to get it installed properly)

Music wise I listen to everything (at pretty loud volumes that have just killed my standard speakers) - R'n'B, Heavy rock, Hip Hop, Dance...even a bit of classical music every now and then to calm me down after work

I have an active sub in the boot currently.

I want something that can handle music, accurately and at volume (not competition type volume, but loud)

Probably just asking too much but hey-ho.....
Help me AOC, you're my ONLY hope