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Thread: Jvc Kd-adv38

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    Jvc Kd-adv38

    Hey guys, been thinking of buying one of these headunits but it says that due to the size of the front end there might be installation troubles? I'm after a unit that would match the console of my Astra nicely, and this seems to perfectly fit my needs, just that it might not fit?

    That's what I'm after, does anyone know how well it would slot in?

    Also, since I'm buying from an American site, would the radio work in Australia?
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    The surround to these, if like the AVX1, is larger but fits the MK4 astra fine

    Over here we have trouble with the radio on american headunits as they only go up in odd numbers so 89.1/89.3/89.5 etc. I don't know how your radios work over there
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