Alright buds,

new to this site. 23 years old, love cars but have taken a while to learn. well happy to have found this site. Sitting my test soon, planning on an astra(imagine) probablya mk4 anything from a V, 1.6. I plan on modding it slightly, though im sure it will go further pending the a new job. I was wondering if anyone could gimme any insurance info? was gonna phone around until i found this place, figured there would be plenty of people who could tell me about it?

My mate was telling me some stuff about getting car insurance along with your home insurance? how much does body mods affect you? whats the difference in groups? astras are 4 and say, bmw compact is 11 how would that fare? same engine etc? i dont quite understand the technicalities, just cars!

This is turning into a long post!, so ill embrace it. I went was at a djqbert gig tonight, head booming still. I love astras! i really like the shape down from the new ones, similar to a bmw compact, just a good road hugger. Im looking at getting a black astra, sorting it out with some suspension..tight, angled correctly and just a clean bodykit. I enjoy heavy bass music so i plan on porting some subs and getting proper tweeters for treble, probably just use mp3. anyways, this joint is awesome. Gonna eat your brains and gain yr knowledge.