We have FINALLY got around to sorting out the RO positions within the club, we have lots of new RO's as well as old ones leaving us.

We want to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of them for helping the community and the club. The following are the changes in the roles:

Please say welcome to the new RO's they are:

WayneGsi - East Midlands
Tangoid - Northampton
BMC - West Midlands
Welsh-Andy - South Wales
Moonman - South Wales

And say THANKS! to the old RO's that are going to be taking a rest :

Ste_goffy - Eats Midlands
Sjflat - South Central
Bretty - North West
Pardoe16v - West Midlands
Brett - West Midlands
Norm29 - South Wales

This also means we still have some roles to fill and they are as follows:

Scottish Northern
North West
West Midlands
South Central

These are to help out the current RO with the organizing and pushing of the regional group, if you would liek to help please PM MatG

So one last thanks to all those that have helped get the regions were they are today and a thanks to those that will be helping push them forward in the future.

Many Thanks,

The AOC Team