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Thread: Fault Code Reader Gunson 77030

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    Fault Code Reader Gunson 77030


    Anyone had any use of the Gunson Fault Code Reader - GM Diesel 77030 ? I have 2.0DTI 16v Y reg Astra with a fault that cuts the power by half if give it some boot for more than 10 seconds (mainly when warm) you get the power back if you turn off the ignition let the engine stop then restart. Any feed back would be great.


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    Do you have any fault codes stored? Post them up & the experts will be along to advise you.

    Could be a dodgy EGR valved getting clogged up with carbon deposits, I've had that in the past to give those symptoms.
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    sounds like EGR to me, same as I had in my 2.0 oil burner... it brings up the EML and sticks it in limp mode, then when you turn off the ignition it clears it.

    take it off and give it a clean as best you can. also check your vac pipes aren't split/unattached (the one that runs round the front of the block can get damaged easily as it goes round a tight bend as it goes up towards the turbo/top left of the bay). they can throw the car into limp mode too if split.
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