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    hi guys. having a problem with, how to fit a new sony headunit, taking out the old stearo block cd30 from my 07 astra sxi. ive spoke to three so called profesionals today one said yes and the others said no cant replace it. one said you have to go to vauxhall to get the pass throu turn off,the pass throu is something to do with the immobiliser because it passes throu the stearo unit, because there are two so called changes to the 07 plate cars all i want is a new head unit in with the time and temp display working and the steering wheel controls to work. i would happily pay for what ever extra bits. im just confused. is it possible... please guys can you give me your feedback..... any pro's out there reading this your feedback is most welcome, before i splash the cash.........

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    Right, remove the vauxhall stereo...

    buy a fascia adapter (the one from vauxhall comes with all wiring, and an aerial adapter .. roundabout £35)

    Fit new stereo, job done.

    What some may be confused about is the fact that the CD30 is coded to your car, so if you're gonna sell it, it has to be decoded from yours and recoded to the new car (which means trip to vauxhall).

    What you will lose is the ability to change the clock....but keeping the cd30 will allow you to bung that in twice a year to change the time when the clocks change, 10 min job.

    Hope that helps !

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