Hello again people at AOC. Finally got myself into gear and back on the net.

Got some spare cash at the mo and Iím wanting to get my mk4 astra finished to the how im wanting it. Got a few questions on each of the things which Iím wanting to do, hoping I can get some help

Lowering : I remember a while ago there was a thread (which i canít seem to find) which showed everyone's mk4 astra's after they had been lowered and details and how much they were brought down + the springs used. There are some pictures below of my car, recommendations on what you believe i should lower it by would be helpful (im wanting to spend as little as possible to be honest, so im thinking of getting some ebay jobbies)

Tinting : Again im not sure what %'s i should have done, im going to risk getting it done all over, but i want it lighter up front. Pictures of what you've had done would be useful.

Thanks for taking the time to read, all help is appreciated