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    hi all,
    i have just bought a new astra 17 cdti design est and i noticed it has not got an undertray fitted i asked the dealer why not and he said vauxhall dont fit them as standard anymore but we can supply one for £200.
    does anybody know of an after market undertray and were i might purchase one (an address would be really helpful)
    i do hate a filthy engine bay
    many thanks for any help

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    Mine doesn't have one either and it is pretty much top of the line model (exclusing the VXR), so not sure what they do fit them too. If they do not fit them to anything, why do they make a tray at all?

    LMF may be able to do a better price. Oh, I think Thorney Motorsport do a metal one - mainly for rally use, but will do the same job.
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