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    Exclamation New Subs Help

    Ive just bought a double sony explod sub box and the amp to match and was wondering if theres a guide online on how to install them i know i need a power supply for the amp from the battery and was wondering how to do it so i was well clued up before i started messing around so any help would be much appreciated, cheers all.

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    If you have a read through this forum you will find loads of information on how to do this

    Briefly though depending on the age and engine in your astra will depend if you have a spare grommet or not to run the power wire though the bulkhead. There's usually enough room to lift up the rubber seals around the doors to take the power to the back. RCA and remote wire can then be run down the opposite side of the car in the same way. To earth the amp there's a bolt that the factory earth goes to by the back light
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