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Thread: help needed on lowering

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    help needed on lowering

    I got a mk4 astra hatchback i dont no what size wheels to put on it i was thinking about getting a set of 16" TSW Heat with 195/45/16 tyres I dont rele want to get 17" cuse i dont no if it will mess around with my gear box and speed. If anyone on here has got a set of tsw heat or know anyone who has could you send me a link so i can see how they look.

    Also i want to lower it so the archs just sit nicely over the wheels. The question is how low will this be and also i may get some smaller tyres so i can go even lower.

    Cheers Trigga
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    16s are far too small if ur considering aftermarket rims - standard fit OE 16s look "ok" but thats about as far as Id go in describing them

    17s or 18s will be perfectly ok with regards your speedo and gearbox - u just have to ensure u fit the correct size rubber

    215/40/17 or 215/35/18

    16s are old hat now and will just look lost in the arches

    Your suggested tyre size is wrong anyway for that of the 16" rim

    If you get some 17/18s with the correct offset (38-49mm on a 7/7.5" wide rim or 42-49mm on a 8" wide rim) then you can lower it upto 70mm maybe a tad more without any issues.

    Im running 7.5" x 18" with 215/35/18 Avon ZZ3 - ET40 offset and lowered approx 55-60mm all round

    Click on GARAGE <--- for pics

    If you go for 17s which IMO is the best compromise then youd need a good healthy 50+ drop to make everything sit as it should

    30mm is just nowhere near the right amount so if u can get a good 50-60mm kit ur sorted.


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