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Thread: MK4 Lift Up gear Knob

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    MK4 Lift Up gear Knob

    Does anyone know how to get a gear knob off a mk4 astra with lift up reverse.any help in words or pics would be muchly appreciated

    and also anyone with picture instructions / 'how to' on how to fit glenn's alcantara gear gaiters would also be a big help as im not sure i can work out how to at the moment.



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    gaiter is easy to fit, pull up the original leather one (might have to take the plastic bit out between the gearstick and center console, just lifts up with a flathead screwdriver) which pulls up the surround, take off the leather gaiter and put on the new one, tucking it up into the plastic holder, then put it over the gearstick (the wrong way up so that the cable tie isnt showing) and put it all back together.

    That sounds a lot harder than it is lol someone else might be able to explain it better, while since i did it.

    Where abouts from watford you from? thats just up the road from me
    .....Black Sapphire Mk4, 1.8 16v SXi.....

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