right then guys and girls get your heads round this one...

as some of you may know i went down a rarther large pot hole, this damaged my tyre and has done something to my steering i fear

Now when i put the steering wheel in a straght line, the car goes off to one side ( i think its left) any i idea whats wrong? THE CAR DOES NOT PULL OR FIGHT ME

(one more thing to add if i drive on the wrong side of the road with the steering wheel straight the car goes in a straight line)

What i have tried...

firstly i went and had the tracking done: So if i let go of the steering wheel it does not vear off.

secondly it had its MOT the week after so as far as i can see (and i presume the tester could see ) nothing is broken ( im not ruleing out bent)

Things to note...

one of the advisorys on the MOT was the anti roll bar drop link has some play in one of the ball joints ( but i cant imagen this is causing the issue at hand?)

Things i think it might be...

could the camber be out? is it even adjustable?

the tracking might still not be right ( but i would have thought it was from the lack of pulling)

something expensive is bent

but other than that im kinda in the dark, its not so bad its dangerious but it is really annoying when you know its there!

cheers sam