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Thread: Suspension: Standard V SPAX VSX????

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    Question Suspension: Standard V SPAX VSX????

    HEY MY SUSPENTION DAMPER HAS GONE AND I PHONE UP VAUXHALL AND WAS QUOTED OVER 300 FOR STARNDARD ASTRA SPORT 1.6 SUSPENSION. THATS JUST THE FRONT TOO, ON MOTOR WORLD THEY HAVE SPAX VSX SUSPENSION, FOR AROUND £200, what would be better from main dealer or SPAX? any advice on suspension for a astra 1.6 16v sport would be helpfull thanks peter
    Just new in this astra world

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    uprated for sure

    you'll get uprated dampers - shortened to match the lowered springs and everything will be brand new and will fit perfectly together

    youll also achieve a nice subtle drop too.... certainly better than the standard setup

    Get it u know u want to!!!!

    There is however cheaper kits out there! Mine only cost £150 or £190 delivered (i paid cash in person so cheaper) great quality budget kit that cant be knocked....

    similar priced kits for £160-200 if u shop around

    ** If however u just want something to tie u over until u can afford a full kit then maybe a replacement shocker from a salvage yard is a good idea

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